Monday, February 22, 2010

Through the magic of scheduled posting...

...while you are reading this, I am lying on the operating table, out like a light while a handsome Puerto Rician is poking about inside of me, searching, probing and getting ready to remove the offending gallbladder.

Trust me when I tell you this my pet's, I would much rather be in Philadelphia than where I am.

Jesus - he's not here, its just an expression - its dark where I am at the moment and I hope to high heaven that I don't see any bright light that might draw my attentions.

And of course, this would NOT be a good idea to have an out of body expiriences.  I have had enough of those in my youth during really bad romantic entanglements. 

Well, I'm stuck right here for a while but you can bet your bottom dollar that the next seven or so hours are not going to be funsy onsy for me or my nurses.

The good news is thtat when this over I will weight a whole pound less than when I went into this place.

Until we meet again - and remember I still need good wishes until I tell you its OK to stop, so keep chanting for God's sake.


  1. now that you're g-bladderless, will this mean you have less gall than you had before.

    somehow, i doubt it.


  2. Chester and I both have been sending you good wishes. Remember: think Marilyn!

  3. Sending you heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery. Out of the blue I had a gallbladder attack a year ago and it was a really scary experience... so I feel for you. Get better!