Monday, February 8, 2010

Bay Area Douche Bags on Househunters

There's a foot of snow outside and not much to do inside, so the husband and I were watching Househunters on HGTV and we must be living right because the show focused on these two people from the Bay Area looking for a weekend get away that costs under 2 million (in otherwords, two people that we just can't identify with) in Napa.

And Oh My GOD, Becky!  And these two major douche bags!

Now I am sure that they are simply lovely people.  But they are spoiled yuppies and they whine!  No vineyard view!  Too big!  Too small!  Where will he soulfully play his guitar chords? And wherever will she put her artist studio!  Wahhh, wahhh, wahh!

My favorite was her "I don't like the color of this room."  Give me a break!  If you can afford a two million dollar weekend getaway, you can afford to pop for a painter to paint the rooms your favorite shade of beige. 

How do people like this get on TV?  Worse, why do I watch them?


  1. HGTV needs to be dissolved, ideally in a large vat of acid, decorated by nate burkis. it is so over.

  2. You mean you are not held in rapt attention by Jamie Durie? The hunky Aussie cum-model cum-heterosexual? And what the bloody hell are they doing airing HOURS of apartment hunting in CANADA?

  3. I'm wild for the Durie, but I have to watch with the sound on mute because even by the minimal standards of HGTV "dialogue" he is a barking idiot.

  4. Have you seen the shirtless images of him?