Sunday, February 28, 2010

Confessions of Disc Ripper have I been filling my days since the operation? 

Well, Husband decided to treat himself to a Sonos sound system for the house.  Sonos uses wireless Sonos techology to transmit digitized recordings to rooms in the house that have Sonos receivers. 

It ain't cheap.  So for now we have one Sonos receiver downstairs and the server that holds all of our music upstairs with the computing equipment.  Sonos allows you to control what it is that you are listening to from your iPhone or iTouch.  And we can add zones when our rich uncle gets out of the poor house.  Technically we could have a zone for each bedroom, both offices, both bathrooms, and the living room, kitchen and basement and all listen to different things in each room.  In a 1,200 square foot house with four bedrooms, that could get you quite a headache.

The receivers came in this week and since I was trapped at home with limited activity options, I decided that I could sit at my computer and rip CD's that we own (and take up way too much room in our modest home) so we can box them up and send them to the basement for storage, thus freeing up more space in the living area for  - er - living!

Husband is a musically inclined person, so he has many CD's.  I too have many CD's from the days before iTunes.  Haven't listened to them in years.  I am not a music person like the Husband is.

Anyway, since Wednesday I have "ripped" 1,400 songs.  Only half the CD's are done and I am about ready to loose my flippin mind.

I quickly discovered that I can't use iTunes to rip the music anymore because it sucked up all the space on iPhone. So then I had to go to Windows Media Player, which worked, but one of my DVD drives is wearing out so it hummed LOUDLY whenever you inserted a CD.  Bother.

The good news is that we are half way there and now we have one rack in the guest room that has to be done. 

The better news is that I start back to work this week and will have an excuse not to rip any of the second rack.

Thank God for work!


  1. because we're pals, i can ask you.....what does it mean to rip discs?

  2. Totally. But it just doesn't come off the tongue as easily as the reverse./

  3. I'm so glad you are better! Are you moving around okay? Does it hurt when you laugh? Should we all be somber?

  4. You can turn off your Somberesque expressions. I am mended ;-)