Sunday, February 7, 2010

Electra Wow...Electra Wow...Electra Wow...Electra Wow...

Don't you just love Judy Strangis? Room 222. Mean Mary Jean (not my mother, the Plymouth Duster sales girl in the commercials). And Electra terrific as DynaGirl.

About two thirds the way through look for a couple frames in which Michael Blodgett (oh he of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls - and one time Mr. Meredith Baxter). Electra amazing...


  1. There must be something in the air about Electra! I'd just found some artwork on this ancient series a few days ago and was going to do a post! LOVE that you did this!

  2. What gets me is that this only ran for one short season (there were, of course, reuns) but this series never fails to illicite responses from people who remember it. For many os us in the 50-40 age range, it was one of our firs texposures to mainline camp (meaning, the lie that tells the truth). How did these people keep straight faces while they were doing this? And why hasn't Hollywood rediscover this yet?