Sunday, February 21, 2010

Think of me, my children, from 7:30AM to 9:30AM EST...

...because that is when I will under the knife and let the doctors "harvest" by rock filled gallbladder.

I am unusally calm about this surgery thing.  I'm trying not to be blasé; I do not to temp the fates, or anything else.  Surgery is surgery.  But I must say that the cutting and them taking my organ and its tissue is not at all my concern. 

Its the knocking me out that scares me.  And then possiblity of the nausea and hurling after the surgery that I has me scared shitless. 

But I am calm, if for no other reason than I have never had any surgery in my life, and therefore do not know first hand how miserable I could be.

I plan to be back online by Tuesday evening or Wednesday morningish to let you know how I feel and how great it feels to be fifty pounds lighter thatnks to the removal of the gallbladder.  That is how much they weigh, isn't it?

So remember - think good positive thoughts and send you energy my way.  I'll need every ounce of it.


  1. goodness...hoping everything goes all right.

  2. You will fine! Madam Rosa sees you in her crystal ball, recovering and blogging for a very long time

  3. I thank Madam Rosa for that! And thank you for visiting her on my behalf.

  4. I'm chanting as I speak, hurling good surgery karma and settled stomachs your way.

  5. yes, i see your old gallbladder ensconced in it's new home, in a jar, in the basement of the alamo.

    50 lbs lighter...HA! in your dreams mona!