Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mr. Gall Bladder and I part company this month

Met with the surgeon today and it seems that Mr. Gall Bladder - who abused his privledges in my body on January 24th, needs to part company with the rest of my body by the end of the month.

The surgeon wanted to take it next week.  "Do I have to have it out?" I asked.

"Eet eez deezeedah" he said in a thickly accented voice.  "Anned I want cho to go on a low f-hat diet eemediatly because wee do not want the gall stones to travel and get stuck in de bile ducked."

Aside from my wisdom teeth, and a fatty tumor on my arm, this will be the first time that I will lose a part of me.  Granted its "Feeled with the gallstone like a pomegranted", its still mine.  I've had it since before I was me, so to speak.

But after that January attack, I concur, "eet needz to goh!"  When a part of your body attacks you you have to cut it out, or beat it into submission.  But you can live without a gallbladder, so we will part company.  Worse still, I don't get to keep even on of the stones - poo!

The part of this that I am really a bit freaked out by is that this surgeon wants me to spend the night in the hospital for observation, and that means being trapped, and out of control, and crappy food. Poo! 

I hate that!


  1. don't worry about crappy food. after they've plucked that thing out of you, food won't be paramount on your must have list. you'll be home before you know it and surely will have plenty of time to spend your days rubbing whatever cream hides all scars so that you'll be bikini-ready by june.

  2. A bile duct ... so common! Just think of the Marilyn pix w/her scar. I occasionally have gb issues though not in awhile. Mederma, I believe. Sounds like a minor Greek goddess.

  3. So sorry for your lose. I will be prayin' to the Lard Jesus Christ up in Heaven above for your safety and speedy recovery.