Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inspiration of Pricess Leia's Sticky Buns Hair

I have been having fits of apoplexy since Mr. Todd at SSUWAT unnerved me with Freda Payne's Fur trimmed Glam Gown from the 1972 Grammy Awards.  And this can not stand without being answered with a find of my own: Roberta Flack's Afro Sticky Bun Hair - a full three years before Star Wars!  Gotta love the 1970s!  The ball is in your court, Sir Todd!


  1. Holy s*it!

    I mean, seriously. That is righteously s*itty hair. She's killing me softly with those puffs.

    Oh, and by the way - you're tagged!

    WV: "shablo." As in, "Zeeba shablo, dats some funky 'fro, Ro!"

  2. TBJ - What dearie did you tag me with? Linkie no workie!

    What I want to know about her hair is, did no one check out her hair straps before she took the stage? Her left bun straps are askew!

  3. I'm so pissed! I posted a response to the meme Felix tagged me with (and subsequently tagged you with); then decided to revise and edit it, since I wasn't pleased with the final result. Then, 90% into my revisions, my computer froze and all of my edits were lost. So, now I have to rebuild the dyke.

    So to speak.

  4. I feel for you! Maybe you need a Roberta Flack Sticky Bun Hairdo! But I will start on my Meme answer, toot sweet!

  5. roberta as an ongoing problem.
    did anyone notice what she looked like on the most recent grammys? baby jane hudson!

  6. You mean her Black make-up failed? Aw LAW! Ever since Peebo Bryson went away her life has been one with d' hits