Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Metlox Aztec, for TBJ

METLOX AZTEC - Jawbone Dish

A couple days ago I posted our china and dish patterns.  The Metlox seems to be a crowd pleaser.  This is Metlox's Aztec pattern, which I love.  If we hadn't started on California Mobile, I think I would have made this our dish pattern. 

Compared to Metlox's California Freeform and Mobile, Aztec is very affordable, I think had a better design that goes with any color scheme. The grey blue and the black are really timeless!  Search on eBay for Metlox+Aztec.


  1. gee, since tjb hasn't shown up yet, can I have it until he does? I promise to...uh...give it right back.


  2. This is our set! I did a post with the brochure awhile ago. We use it every holiday. I also have a decent amount of Contempora, but it looks less "appetizing". Aztec also mixes well with other white dishes...and we do sometimes use the dishwasher on a gentle cycle!

  3. I love Aztec. You are one lucky man!

    Have never been a fan of Contempora, but thats because I have a thing about pink and black.

    But I crave California Palm, but would need a dinette to really get the full effect.

  4. Lovely! And, Jason, we can share it.