Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What this means

As of today we are fourteen days out from when our home hits the market, and stops being our home; the house officially becomes a commodity.

That meant that today, the carpenters were in to sister two rafter tails and patch them so they look nice and will pass inspection.

This means In that fourteen days, we will move 80% of our possessions into storage, paint three rooms, and then selectively stage all eight rooms to lure in buyers like a spider lures in their prey.

This means that tomorrow the electrician arrives to add two switches and one outlet. This means that stucco people should be here tomorrow to patch an area of cracked stucco.

This means that once said stucco is dried, I will need to climb a ladder and paint said patch. >This means staging two of the bedrooms to look like they are - ugh - children's bedrooms.

This means, I will travel 850 miles, round trip, for ONE DAY of house hunting.

This means we will throw away copious amounts of stuff that didn't qualify for the yard sale, and the stuff that got overlooked from the yard sale will go to Goodwill.

This means I hope to receive phone calls that give me at least a two hour window in which to neaten up.

This means I hope never to get the following call: "An agent with Coldwell Banker is parked outside your house with clients and would like to see your house now.  Is that possible?"  As of July 12, 2011 we will no longer have a home, we will just own a house.


  1. Sniff...

    Just don't stage with the over sized nude.

    Well, maybe, it's summer.

    1. The real estate agent has already nixed the bank that MJ sent me and that now I need to send back to MJ.

  2. we were living in a house that wasn't ours which was put up for sale. brokers has strict instructions to call FIRST. cut to a sunday morning, we are in bed. all of a sudden, we hear the front door open and people are in the house. i tell him not to move, i want them to walk in on us. they did. i imagine they weren't the folks that bought it.

    1. And did you tell them that if you knew they were coming you'd have baked a cake?