Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bummer: What would you miss most?

Cookie is bumming tonight.

Nora Ephron is dead and Cookie feels as if he has lost a beacon of sanity in this world, albeit in the make believe world of movies.   Still, this is a serious bumming.

In her last book, Ephron wrote a bit about the things she would miss most in life.  So, in her honor, I have been thinking, what would I miss:

1) The feeling of knowing that you are alive - Seems kinda self evident, but there is this amazing feeling that comes over me a couple times of day that where I see something, or hear something or I touch something and I marvel that "I can do this because I am alive, at this moment, in this place."

2) My husband - I am with the worlds greatest man. He's not a perfect man, mind you, but he's greatest.  Not many people get a month with a person like him - I've had fifteen years of everyday and it makes life joyful.

3) Ballreich's potato chips - Cookies loves me some Ruffles, but Ballreich's just seem to hit the spot - especially in winter when they remind of those sunny days in my high school years when the world was at peace around me.

4) My dogs.  Not that they are less important than potato chips, mind you.  I love me my dogs, Rocky and Kevin.

5) The smell of wet soil in spring, freshly cut grass in summer, and that smell of ozone that drifts in just before a rain shower.

6) A good pizza.

7) Laughing.

8) Downton Abbey.

So it is to you, dear reader - what would you miss most?


  1. If you're dead you don't recall life as you knew it, so I can't say. I think of it as the time before you were born!

    I get your drift, Cookie, and as we used to do in preschool, go around and say what we're grateful for. In my case, it's health, my kids, a roof and the infinite possibilities that tomorrow brings if you have just a grain of faith.

    Go hug your Hubby.

  2. 1. juice running down my chin from the perfect peach.
    2. silk rippling against my skin in a summer breeze.
    3. crisp autumn mornings punctuated by the earthy smell of leaves on the ground.
    4. sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to be called (something good is about to begin).
    5. Smelling a scent that brings back the most vivid memories - usually connected to people.

  3. Porn. Unless that's what heaven is.

    1. What kind of porn? Falcon Studios or Dick Wadd porn?

  4. I L-O-V-E Ballreich's, and surely miss them!

  5. I just discovered it and I am loving your blog. I wrote about Nora and her list as well,

    I realize we are probably not going to 'miss' anything when we are dead, for a variety of reasons, but I considered these really to be lists of things we love and do not love about this wonderful world.

    And, from the Jersey Shore, welcome to the east coast!