Friday, June 22, 2012

Charm City Confidential: Good news!

What does this have to do with anything?  Nothing.  Made you look.

We have updates, and they are all good news!

1) We've fired the old man real estate agent that the relocation company found for us.  Why?  Because there wasn't, how shall we say, a Love Connection.  God love that man but he didn't understand us, and he couldn't think universally.  He kept bringing us the same old shitty houses but in different neighborhoods.  So, he's going away.

2) We've hired a queer real estate professional.  This guy gets us and we're geeked about the house hunt, now.

3) The husband has flown home for the weekend.  Now he can walk the dogs 16 times a day.

4) I reached down - deep down - managed to charm the moving company woman.  They start packing our most of stuff on July 5th, and will store said stuff (14,500 pounds of it) until we sell the house. This means...

5) The house can get staged, and listed by July 20th.  Between July 6th and July 20th I'm repainting the bedrooms, and the house addition.

6) This means we get to go house shopping for REAL!

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  1. How thrilling and encouraging. I'm talking about the Slap Party picture, but your news is good, too.