Monday, June 11, 2012

Dispatchs: We've been pre-approved...

...for a mortgage in Maryland with a jaw dropping amount.  We're stunned.

Being frugal, however, we're not shopping anywhere near that amount.

Towson and Owings Mills have taking the lead, Catonsville is falling back.

Found one house that we liked, but it had a scummy in ground pool that we'd like to back fill.

More house hunting to come.

No word from the movers.

It's always sunny in Paradise, as they say!



  1. Happy House Hunting!

    This will probably be your first of many "jaw-dropping" events in Murrlin.

  2. This all sounds like fun. You could always use that jaw-dropping amount to back-fill the pool. We once learned that back-filling the old pool at our old house would cost as much as putting in a new pool!

  3. Judging from one of your previous posts, I'll say "Sofa, so good."