Friday, June 29, 2012

Charm City Confidential: Why-O-Why, Ohio

Well, that was a weekend of house hunting in the Charm City.  Temperatures in the 100's and plenty of houses that don't have central air conditioning.  How the hell, in the 21st century can you have a house in the mid atlantic region without air conditioning? 

Anyhow, we are back in Ohio and its a busy week.  Stucco repair is finally under way.  the trim on the exterior is painted.  The packers arrive Thursday and the movers take it away on Friday.  Our first "showing" is Friday at 5PM when a couple who are dying to move into the neighborhood tour the house before it officially goes on the multi-list.

Then on Saturday, we start to primp the house so the realtor can pimp the house.   Now if we could only find a house on the other end.


  1. Our house (in DC) was built in 1936 and when we bought it in 1990, it still had no airconditioning. Wait, I misspoke. There was a window the dining room. Apparently, the former owners hosted octogenarian dinner parties. Anywho, one summer was all it took. Airconditioning was installed the next spring - which in the mid-atlantic region is February. If you end up settling on a new house without AC, I recommend a SpacePak system. The duct work is a marvel and you can retain what limited closet space is in these old houses.

  2. There are homes (some very nice) here in Sevilla (110 in summer) that still don't have AC. I'm with you; I couldn't survive. Hope all goes well on both ends!