Thursday, June 28, 2012

I told you so: Ann Curry

Having lost a job last year - a job where I worked for the world's biggest prick - I hate seeing anyone pushed out of a job.

But Ann Curry on the Today show?  I called this a year ago.

I'm sure that Ann Curry is a wonderful person, in person.  But there has always been something about her that has made me feel like she was trying to hard to be genuine.  Maybe, its because she tried too damn hard to empathize with people who were going through "stuff" in the studio.

And then there the moments when she would over talk her Today show comrades.  It was constant.  She always had to be there with a quip, an answer or the insight.  She would cut Al off, Matt off and she would also cut Martha Stewart off.  And no one cuts off Martha, because like all prison bitches, she will cut ya.

When Curry went to Marion, Ohio a few years ago to cover a story, she made a huge positive impression on many people that I know and trust.

Still, I always felt like she was trying too damn hard.  And we know what happens when people try too hard, they often fail.

And this is what happened to Curry, and she cemented this for me today when she went on air and lost her professionalism and began apologizing.

No one in their right mind, wants to see anyone fail at their job.  But when you put the wrong person in the wrong job for the wrong reasons, this is what happens.   Its what happened to me in my former job. It's what happened to Curry.

And I also blame NBC for what happened to Curry, because this is what happened to Deborah Norvell, the last person to move from the news reader position to the co-host seat.  And they set her up to fail just as Curry was set up to fail.

To Ann, I say, put on your big girl panties, dry your eyes and thank your lucky stars that you have a contract with the network that they are bending over for on your behalf.   To Today, I ask that you NOT put that ding dong Savannah Guthery in Curry's place.  But thats what they appear to be heading towards.

Some people never learn.  Other's never learn to grab the brass ring when its offered.  And me?  I'll just sit wagging my finger and telling you, I told you so.


  1. She is very pretty and sweet but she is a HORRIBLE interviewer. I left a comment on another post that now she knows what it's like to work somewhere for 15 years and then get layed off. Welcome to America ... oh, and I don't have a $10 million dollar package to go away.
    Ima Hater

  2. and p.s. I wonder if your world's biggest prick boss is related to my world's biggest prick boss. Pricks run the world it seems. I hate pricks.


    1. I would type something, but I am sure Prick monitors this blog, and I don't need a letter from his attorney. But you have my empathy and sympathy.