Sunday, June 10, 2012

Charm City Confidential: Snatch This Pebble From My Hands

OK, so we are now working with the "relocation firm" that is managing our move.  It's their job to control the cost of our move and make sure we get settled in our new house - when we buy it - in Charm City.

Within the first twenty-four hours after our contact with the relocation company, the listing agents, buyer's brokers and moving companies were all supposed to be in contact with us.

We're in process of interviewing Realtor's who are bidding to sell our house, and its going as smoothly as possible.  So that gets a big check off.

The Realtor in Baltimore is sending us possible houses to consider, and we'll be meeting with him shortly.  He knows that we won't bid on a house there until the house here gets listed.  So that's been taken care of.  Check.

And there's the catch.

The catch is that moving company (Blackhawk) representative is a total cunt.

See, we can't list the house here until we clean out about sixty percent of the junk here.  That includes, for the most part, books, files, off season clothing, family stuff and extra furniture that isn't needed to stage a house for good quick sale.  So we need to - and out of our pocket we understand - have the movers come in, pack up the extra, and poke it into their storage facility.  They have to pack it because they insure the contents of what they pack.

So guess who the last possible person is to contact us?

We'll call her "Lila", and Lila is a total cunt.

"I understand that you want to get this done on your schedule, but this is our busiest time of the year..." Lila informs me right out of the gate.

And then that when Lila starts playing the game of "Snatch This Pebble From My Hand".

She suggests that we pack up our own stuff and store it ourselves.  I ask if we can do that, and Lila responds that we can, BUT, "Our Columbus affiliate won't move the boxes to your selected storage facility because they didn't pack them."

What about having them pack them and store them at their Columbus storage facility?  "They could do that but its awfully expensive."

Go ahead, just try to....


How expensive?  "I don't know because the representative has to come out and estimate the gross weight of the move."

Then how can you tell me how expensive this is if you have no idea? "Well, this is a our busiest time of the year."  WTF?

So I ask Lila what the packing is and she says, "I don't know, you'll have to speak with the local Representative, but, "he's very busy right now with other families, so its important to get your move scheduled now to make sure we can get you items to Baltimore in time to move into your new house."

I explain that we haven't bought a house, so we aren't in a hurry to make a move.  "Well, it is our busiest time of year..."

Lila is a cunt.

I understand that contracts with relocation firms are less lucrative than families who just decide that they are going to up and move, and then pay retail, PLUS.  But for Christ sake, do your fucking job and stop the BS.

So I ask Lila when I can expect to hear from the local company's Representative.

"I would guess in 24-48 hours," says she.

So I should hear from him on Monday, correct?

"No, I wouldn't expect to hear from him until Wednesday at the earliest," says the Oracle.

True, Wednesday was 48 BUSINESS hours away, but why not say: "Four Business Days"?


I'm willing to cut anyone some slack, but she is just making me feel that she is bothered by me.   And since we HAVE to use Blackhawk, the relocation company has to manage this for us.

But I never cared for Kung Fu - it was just too above me when I was a kid.  So these types of mind games don't mean jack shot to me, other than they piss me off.

Still, Lila is more like Kunt Fu.  No, make that a passive aggressive Kunt Fu at that.

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  1. I know where i'd be getting David Carradine to place a well timed Kung Fu kick... Movers... "Not real bright but they can lift heavy things"