Monday, June 18, 2012

Updates: Different types of moving experiences

Dispatches from the Cookie Household:

UPDATE 1: Cookie is happy to report that at 11AM yesterday, the antibiotics had done enough of their job to get the peristaltic function up and and working.  Pain decreased all day (that would be a reduction in inflamation) and by last night my appetite returned, with great abandon.  And as of 8am today, I am no longer full of shit ("thank you for sharing", right?)

UPDATE 2: Cookie's husband hauled his ass up out of bed at 4AM to catch a 6AM flight to Baltimore.  Today is the first day on the NEW job.

Peenee and Norma at work in the good old days

Whats coming up for Monday, June 18th? 

1. We hope to hear from the Miss Gorgon at the moving company about how they can help us.  However we're sure that it will be more like "This is our busiest time of year..."

2. We get find out who our real estate agent is in Columbus

3. We start pricing our stuff for our yard sale on Saturday - and - 

4. Cookie gets his belly thumped by hottie Doctor Bill.


  1. Bitch, if I find your blowjob bank in that yard sale, you are in BIG trouble.

    1. God, NO! But we are selling a South Seas male fertility Fetish. Or would you like it or the Infomaniac Collection?

  2. Glad to hear you're open for business, so to speak.

  3. So glad you're feeling better and thank you so much for sharing (blech)!

    Sorry I missed Monday. I would have happily helped out by taking your place to get my belly thumped by hottie Doctor Bill.

    1. He is so fucking cute. Too bad his type is a "slim, dark skinned Algerian" or I would have married him.