Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wishful thoughts...

I tend to be a traditionalist. I do not use the title "Lady" lightly because a Lady is technically a titled woman, one who is married to a Lord (as in peerage, not religion). A Lady has ideas about raising money for charity. A Lady hosts afternoon tea. A Lady is a pillar of the community. A Lady never airs her private matters in public. A Lady never loses her composure, and most importantly, a Lady, if she is English, always thinks of the good of the Empire.

But a Lady would never have ideas about steel.

Steel is industrial. Industrial things occupy men, unless it is about arranging for the needs of the families at the steel plant, then a Lady thinks of families, but not Steel. A Lady may think of steel if she is speaking with her financial advisor about her trust fund or her holdings, and is wondering if buying more United States Steel is a wise investment.

This woman, however is no Lady. She is a model. Models may get paid to look like they think about steel, but even they don't have ideas about steel. All they can think about is their next cigarette, their paycheck and a career in legitimate film. But never steel.


  1. Was Joan Crawford a lady? (An artificial one with balls, but a lady, methinks.) Because she definitely thought about Steele!

  2. You almost have me, TJB. How very cunning of you. But...I was speaking about "steel" not Steele! HaHa!

    And c'mon, do really think la Crawford fantasized about Alfred, or do you think she was dreamy eyed over his great, big, heavy blue chip portfolio?