Friday, September 4, 2009

War in Europe; Roz on the cover of LIFE

Roz Russell knew that she was going to be featured on the Spetember 4, 1939 cover of Life Magazine. The magazine had scheduled the story through Metro's PR office. Russell's tour d' force as Silvia in The Women had the nation buzzing. The picture for the cover was snapped that summer and locked in for the 9/4 issue; as usual, the cover run began in advance of the content pages.
Then the German's invaded Poland.
Because the covers were ready to go, and redoing them would have caused a delay, Time made the decision to use the covers. So what, who'd notice? Right.
Roz Russell, writes in her autobiography, Life is A Banquet, said that with the lights going out all over Europe, and the contient at war, and there she was, looking as if she didn't have a care in the world. "It took years to live that one down."

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  1. ""It took years to live that one down."

    "Remember all those nasty things they said about what's-her-name before she jumped out of that window? There, you see, I don't even remember her name, so who cares, Edith?"