Monday, September 28, 2009

Who the Hell let this happen?

It is seldom, that I am critical of a woman's choice of hair designs. I defer to most women, as they, or their stylists seem to know what is best.

However in the case of the abrasive Tatiana Londono of the HGTV's The Property Shop, I am at a loss as to why this woman has been allowed to go on television with that mop on her head.

I may not be a fashionista - but look at that head of curls. It distracts from her face. It makes her look like a male lion. I don't even care that she's a c'nook - they have style consultants in Canada for God's sake! Maybe they don't want people to look at her face, but that hair has got to go.


  1. darling, that's her grows out of her head that way. believe me, she's always wanted long, straight hair, but she got what she got.

  2. You think thats her hair? I think its a really bad perm from Stella's Smart Salon and Craft Outlet.