Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Best of DHTiSH: That poor Mrs. J.

While I am away on Jury Duty, enjoy the Best of DHTiSH!

Poor Mrs. J. is pretty and poised. She should have lots of friends and her social calender should be full. But she's never invited back a second time.

Her problem? A copy editor with a very active imagination, and a bad case of Feminine Odor.

The alternative?

Using Brown Lysol on her "delicate tissues" and all the folds and crevices contained within. Lovely. If she took up a career as a nursing home administrator she'll fit right in.

I really recommend that you click on the picture and read about this poor woman's in the original text. It really is tragic.

So I asked my mother if women really did this, and my 85 year old mother, a nurse in the 1950s, confirmed that some women did indeed douche with "brown" Lysol. "But," as my mother said "if they were smart they went to the doctor. That kinda of odor usually means something else down there is a brewing."

Lovely, mom, simply lovely.

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  1. Your mom's right. That and the fact that douching actually increases the likelihood of infection - sexually-transmitted or otherwise.