Monday, September 14, 2009

The Government has sent me "Greetings,"

Dear Readers, friends, followers and everyone else,

Back in August I got the second most dreaded piece of news in the mail that you can imagine. The notice, from Franklin County Ohio read: "Greetings, You are hereby notified that you are to report for jury duty beginning September 14, 2009..."

I hate being on jury duty.

This is my second tour of duty and I dread it. Yes, I know it is my civic duty, that when notified I am required by law to serve and report when instructed and only the weak will do anything to serve. But it is such a royal pain in the ass.

But we look at the positives, rather than the negatives when called to serve. For starters it means that I get three years of protection from serving again.

Secondly, I get paid a whole $20 a day for my trouble, so the parking is paid for and the meals are covered.

Third, my employer is being generous and is not requiring me turn over the said jury pay.

Fourth, I don't have to declare the jury pay on my income tax. 5) If not empanelled by the Wednesday of the second week, they let you go.

And the most important part: my father, borther and several cousins are all attorneys and I previously worked for an attorney as a legal assistant, so I am bound to be disqualified by prosecutors and defence attorneys alike. Prosecutirs never like people who are incvolved in anything having to do with Consent decrees involving the ACLU.

So I am taking a couple good crime mysteries to read and I get to have my latetop with WiFi as well. So it won't be terribly dreadful, just moderatly so.

So for the next ten days or so I can't blog about anything new (according to the jury rules) but I can republish things previously published on the site which I have preloaded into the blogger software and will trigger while I am trapped in the jury room drinking "machine" coffee.

So expect me back by the 24th or 25th and I promise to report on the interesting people that I meet.


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  1. in over five decades, i've never been asked to do jury duty.