Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One of the most interesting & original blogs that you aren't interacting with

One of the things that makes a blog one step above an exercise in self masturbatory pleasure is the interaction with the readers and followers. The two are not the same. Readers read what you post and they send you very nice emails. But the followers are the ones who put the zest in the whole exercise. They make a blog interactive. Sometimes you get really very nice notes via email. It gives the blogger the feeling that you have connected with someone out there. So yes, we like the attention, and when the crickets start to chirp we wonder what we have done wrong.

It takes a while to find an audience, but when you do, they are more precious than rubies. I love them each and all.

But I have to draw your attention to a blog that offers a nice change of pace and thoroughly original content:


If you aren't watching this blog, you are missing something very unique, and some wonderful amateur paparazzish pictures as well. In the spotlight is the ultimate star struck woman. It has verve and spunk. Now go and enjoy it, and tell the blogger that you love it.

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