Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shaker things that come to mind

...Its Saturday morning and I've tidyied up the kitchen and I was thinking about things past:

- Bordinerro's Market on Chagrin Boulevard and Lynnfield Road. What I recall about this maket was that it was a neighborhood shop and that it was handy to the folks who lived in the area. My mother tells me that in February 1963 - before regular folk had 4 wheel drive - it got bitterly cold and there was lots of snow. I was just a baby and we ran out of milk. So they sent my brother out into the snow to go to Bordinerro's and get milk. He did, the wolves didn't get him and we're all alive.

- Shaker Hardware. I loved going to Shaker Hardware because they had everything, and the place smelled like a hardware store should smell. They had nails, screws, tools, fertilizer and a small toy section.

- Heinen's Grocery Store. There was Heinen's on Chagrin in the building that also housed Shaker Hardware. When I got too big to sit in the cart, I got to sit under the cart and crossed my legs "Indian Style". After paying for our groceries we handed them off to a man who took our cart and gave us a number, and clipped the same number of the cart. As a child I was terrified that someone would get our food and and we would get someone elses. Anyhow, we would get in the car and then Mom would drive around the front of the store and get in line. A small white tag with a metal clip was attached to the car window and we would wait for our cart to get pulled over and loaded in the trunk. They've since torn this white building down and built a new store in the 1980s.

-Benny's Bike Shop. This was a store on the NW corner of Chagrin Boulevard and Lee Road - and Lee Road was at Chagrin was the line over which we never crossed because bad things happened. But we went to Benny's and thats where we got our bicycles, which for me were always blue green. I say bad things because Benny had been robbed a couple times, and during one of the robberies he was shot and paralyzed and confined to wheelchair. AFter that we didn't get our bikes at Benny's - things change when guns are involved.

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