Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who's your daddy?

In my "Guess Who" a few days aga, I posted this picture:

The hands give it away.

Now I knew that Norma would get this, since Norma is Miss Cocks in Frocks over at The Infomaniac.

Scooter, too said he knew who this.  But they kept their tongues so that others could guess it.

The simple truth is that Jean Harlow would have known the answer.  So let me give you another hint:

Did this make it any easier?

Looks differently than she, I mean he, looks with his mustache, don't you think?

Well, our Guess Who is - if you haven't guessed who by now is......

scroll down

keep scrolling


  1. If you INSIST it's William Powell but I still say it has Miss Cocks in Frocks written all over it.