Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spanky Gunn at the Oscars...

Tim "Spanky" Gunn

During the red carpet interviews on ABC, Tim "" Gunn got his claws into Maya Rudolph and the two of them started talking fashion.  As a joke, Maya Rudolph started on an undergarment topic, mocking how fashionistas will do anything to have slim, clean lines.

But Tim Gunn didn't see it as cheeky fun. 


He used it as a moment to admit, through his Locust Valley Lock Jaw and clenched teeth, that he, too, was wearing "men's slimming garments" under his tux.



Do we need to know this Tim? No.  Do we need to know anything about Tim Gunn? No.

For those of you like I who think Mrs. Gunn is wound too tight, it appears that Mrs. Gunn is also packed tightly in SPANX as well.

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  1. Thanks to you, I haven't been able to get Tim Gunn's Spanx out of my head.

    Spanx a lot.