Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Passed my eye exam!

So the eye surgeon today tells me that my vision with the new lenses is superb.  Something like 20/10 in the left eye that was done in January and a week out from the surgery the right eye is 20/15.  I can see the ittsy bitsy, teeny, tiny line that is second from the bottom with 90% accuracy.

If you will recall, I opted to go a route that changed my eyes from -4.75ish to -2.00ish.  I'm still near-sighted, but I can be with friends and not need glasses.  At the computer, I don't need glasses.  But if I watch TV from across a room, or drive, I need them. 

I went this route because I have worn glasses for distance since I was eight and I have a comfort level with having them.  I need cheaters for threading needles, but I am no longer Mr. Magoo.

Anyway, I have temporary glasses that make me look like my father.   But I can't order real glasses until they release you as a patient after four weeks. 

We're be headed to LA this summer for our nieces wedding and I told Donna Lethal that I would teach her to play MahJong and I'll take my lorgnette (yes, I have a lorgnette) along in honor of the event.



  1. Oh, hooray for you honey. You know, everyone looks stylish in cats eyes.

  2. Now you have two new eyes.

    Since you don't need them anymore, can I have your lorgnettes?

    1. But if I gave away the lorgnettes, how would I look down my nose at someone?

  3. I'd choose a lorgnette over a pince-nez anytime.

  4. oh shucks, and i thought you'd use them when you drive the olds.