Saturday, February 4, 2012

Take no shit. Take no prisoners.

Message to Susan G. Komen Foundation:  STOP playing politics with our sisters, our mothers and even our daughters future. 


  1. I could say so many things about this organization but mostly what I don't like is that they stole the "ribbon" from the gays.

    I think the damage is already done. It's like the curtain was pulled back for the world to see the true agenda.

    A cure for breast cancer is really for white wealthy right wing mothers first. Everyone else is just benefiting.

  2. cookie, don't mince words, say what's on your mind.

    1. Pirate, I hear you.

      As you said, on the positive side of this, it's lifted the veil of smoke and mirrors at Komen, but it has also done the the same for the Gerogia Republican who is "investigating" Planned Parenthood in Congress.

      Still, I want this woman fired from Komen. She's the one behind this - she ran on this platform where she was a candidate for Governor in Georgia. Komen must fire this bitch.