Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm not one to gossip, but Paul Babeu is a Pedrophile

Titty Man: Sheriff Babeu is "copping" a
feel on that guy that he that he claims he did sleep
with, but didn't threaten to deport.

By now, you will have heard that Arizona's Pinel County Sheriff Paul Babeu is in trouble - the kind of trouble that seems to be lurking behind most uber Conservatives these days.  

A sex scandal is going down on the Sheriff like a wetback on his dick.

If you haven't heard, Babeu is a Pedrophile!  It is not a typo people, I mean just that.

Babeu, a Massachusetts native, was running under the highly imaginative slogan "Send a True Conservative to Congress" is running for one of Arizona's seats in the US House of Representatives.   And until Friday, he was doing so from inside the closet, because for gay Conservatives, being the closet is a the safest way to achieve power and keep it.

And not only that, but Babeu's former male lover is telling the media that Babeu threatened to send his illegal ass back to Mexico if he displeased the Sheriff.  In fact, Babeu likes those little Mexican dishes.  That makes him a Pedrophile.

And then there were the private naked pictures of Babeu on the Internet hook up site that Paul uploaded.

Of course, Babeu denies all of the allegations made by "Jose" (or Pedro, or whatever we're going to call him), however he admits that the two of them saw and slept together.  Babeu claims that Jose is a sensationalist.  But Babeu admits that he was gay, but that the nudie pictures of him are private, but hasn't explained if they were so private why did he post them on the Adam4Adam website? 

And then there are the texts that Babeu sent to "Jose" in September in which he confronts the illegal alien about his status.  This of course invalidates Babeu's assertions that he never knew about Jose's immigration status in the first place.

What Babeu is not speaking on is how a Border Hawk like him can hire an illegal to create his campaign website, and then make sweet love to him later in the night.

And it gets better, still!  How so you ask?

Well, on his campaign web site, Babeu states that he was "Headmaster & Executive Director of DeSisto Private Boarding School from 1999 to 2001."

What of it?

Well...the DeSisto at Stockbridge School was a private therapeutic boarding school for high school students in Stockbridge, Massachusetts that was set up by a guy named Michael DiSisto for "at risk youth".  Evidently, the school had some success, but the founder was a bit of a crackpot.  The schools were not accredited in the late 1980s, and they used some controversial methods.  From Wikipedia we learn that:

In January 1999, " two workers at The DeSisto at Stockbridge school were arraigned in Berkshire Superior Court on a single count each for abuse or neglect of a disabled person resulting in bodily injury. These charges arose after the staff members allegedly did not make sure a patient taking the drug Lithium remained properly hydrated. This resulted in a Lithium overdose and the student's hospitalization.[15] Investigation resulted in the charges being dropped for these two staff members, and the blame affixed to higher ranking staff, and licensed medical personnel...The Cult Awareness Network, Inc. placed the DeSisto School on its list of cults it kept records on.[28][29]"

Head of a cult.  Nice.

And as if the Sheriff wasn't having a bad enough day yesterday (!!!) when all of this blew out, Mitt Romney removed the good Sheriff from his Arizona Election Committee Chairmanship.

So what do we learn from this.  Well we learn that everyone eventually gets discovered.  We also have learned that you can be gay and Conservative, although I still don't understand how a gay man can support platforms that harm his own self interests.  And we've also learned that Paul Babeu is available.  So if that's your cup of tea guys, have at him.

I don't fault Babeu for coming out.  He should have done it years ago.  I wish him well.

But now we have another example of the Conservative Credibility Gap. They say God and country in the speeches, but behind closed doors the rules don't apply.

Babeu is not in trouble because he slept with an illegal.  Babeu is in trouble because he employed that illegal while chastising local businesses because THEY employed illegals.  And Babeu is in trouble because he made bad personal choices, and we don't need another fuck up in Washington.

But things are looking for him.  John McCain still thinks he's just the bees knees.


  1. "Operation Fast and Furious" Is he describing what he's like in the sack? On the other hand... living a double life soon catches up with you... No matter how good you think your disguise is...
    "To thine own self be true"

    1. A tangentle friend committed suicide about two weeks ago. A handsome man with a gentle demeanor, a good husband and a dream career as an art gallery owner.

      He was 47, had the world by its tail and then the deatails came out - he was passing works by one artist off as works of art by another artist.

  2. Well done sir, and without the vitriol that is a little natural at the moment one realizes, a conservative is a conservative is a or straight....
    Newt publicly prosecutes a president for having an affair...... while having one...

    This guy chastises illegal immigrants........while.....having one.

    Arizona makes Mississippi and Arkansas politics look like Berkley California.