Monday, February 6, 2012

Things found at my inlaws, part II

I found this vignette in the kitchen at my inlaws. 

I thought about fishing the fallen from this cage and placing it on a dish with a food dome over it and taking it to my husband and serving it to him.  But because the moldering thing looks like it would fall apart if touched, so its better left untouched.

My mother in law asked I would like the cage and I said that it would be difficult to get on the plane.  She said I could have the birds, too, if I liked.  Made it tempting, but getting through TSA at Logan is hard enough without trying to explain something like this.


  1. Just a bird in a gilded cage... well two really...

  2. And it's protected by ADT!

    They aptly raised a wonderful

  3. Let this be a warning to all who seek to enter the house.

    That's better protection than that ADT sign.

    1. Do you hear that thud? That was me, diving under the table.

  4. Why, that's a lovely vignette. And so is the one in the picture!