Sunday, February 5, 2012

Seen at my inlaws...

Things tend to collect at my inlaws, with no rhyme or reason.  My mother in law is fascinated with "little stuff" especially if it sparkles or has glitter.  And if its FREE,  she'll take one of everything and scatter it around the house.  We found a "Go Patriots" car flag poked in a planter in the living room.  The planter had no plant, just the old spent dirt that once was potting soil and the flag.

These things sit around for so long that they tend to fall apart from old age, but instead of throwing them out, they are left to disintergrate. On this trip we found...

A New Years Eve noise maker on the toilet.  I found this an odd pairing.  The husband pointed out that it was there in case one of them needs help to stand up.  "Maybe it's to celebrate a success," I said as my inlaws are preoccupied with their bowels and how they move, or don't for that matter.  Upon further inspection, the rolled paper sleeve had a hole in it, so while it may look festive, it too is broken.
Those detergent jugs?  That's because the toilet is in the laundry room.  You can sit, shit and watch the Norge spin dry.


  1. My! My!
    Such language!
    It's called a "Bowel Movement!"

  2. Thank you Drewbie. I stand corrected. But Mom doesn't like that term because its too graphic. So she would call it a "B.M." just like the baked beans.

  3. I'd use that bucket to chill my champagne while I'm waiting.

  4. Its not a bucket, it's a pail where one discards their trash, thus it is an honest to garbage pail.