Sunday, February 12, 2012

Portends: Dog Days of Winter

Kevin, Russell and Rocky All of them: Guilty of Cuteness in the First Degree.

This weekend has been one of limited options. Cold weather outdoors.  Me.  The Husband.  The Dogs.  And the constant hum of swiftly moving cold air across the roof causing the various plumbing stacks on our roof to hum their tones much like we used to blow across the tops of our pop bottles.

I fucking hate winter.

So the dogs got their buddy Russell over to play and we had all manner of puppy derby here.

Exhausted dogs are happy dogs.

We are hoping for news in the coming weeks that we can share with everyone. This has been like waiting for a baby elephant to be born, except this has NOTHING to do with infants or babies.

The tension is massive.  I may need to take a Xanax tomorrow.

On the other hand, the house next door actually has daffodils  that are in bud.  We're two weeks out from crocus (or is it croci) season and this dizzy daffodil's are out their just freezing themselves to death.

Let's see, my horoscope said to keep an eye out for something happening midweek.  That would be my other cataract surgery on Wednesday.  Creeps me out when the horoscope, which is just a stab in the dark actually, portends of real things that were scheduled long before someone one somewhere decided to say "here, stick this in Leo."

Hang on readers - the next six weeks could be a real rollercoaster ride into the unknown.


  1. have two things to say:

    1. good luck wednesday.
    2. be careful with that word massive.

  2. Mistress MJ wishes you goodness in all that is upcoming.

    And remember that cute dogs make everything better.