Monday, June 14, 2010

So much better then a Rocket to Uranus: No Perez Hilton!

And whats not to love about a CD entitled MASSIVE LUXURY OVERDOSE?


  1. This could not be any gayer.
    It's like someone made a meal of Prince, Vanity, Dead or Alive, Milli Vanilli, and the Palace at Versailles and then threw it up in a disco. .... actually, that sounds kinda cool...
    Thanks for reminding me of this song-Haven't heard it, since it first came out.

  2. I used to lve Army of Lovers!They had quite a big following back home in Australia. (Does that surprise you?)

  3. I still love Army of Lovers. The music was good (and pretty timeless), the camp value is was spot on and they were happy to be who and what they were/are. They just seem like people that I would like to party with.

    I heard that at a reunion performance in the UK, the blonde member couldn't be there so they used an inflatible love doll to take her place. Pure genius!

  4. Oh honey, never, ever worry about offending Perez Hilton. In fact, I'd go out of my way to piss him off.

    Being fabulous means never having to say "I'm sorry" to Perez Hilton.

    Have I mentioned that I loathe Perez Hilton?

  5. BTW, I remember being a 16 year old gayling when I first heard/saw Army of Lovers' "Crucified" (a song I still love and play). 1991/92 was a pretty damn gay time in pop music; I was also enthralled with George Michael's "TooFunky", Madonna's Erotica album and singles, Deeeelite...