Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dear God: I find an OSU Buckeye drool worthy!

Most people assume that because we live within earshot of the famed and noble Ohio State University Horseshoe that we are ennormous Buckeye Football fans.  They would be incorrect.  Oh, don't get me wrong - if the Buckeye's win we're happy for them.  We just refuse to take part in the time honored OSU Buckeye fan tradition of throwing ourselves out of the basement window whenever the Buckeye's lose.

However, this weekend, just over on the otherside of the railroad tracks and half mile as the crow flies at the Columbus Crew Stadium is the first ever Sevens National Championship.  Covered on NBC, we decided to watch because we find strapping young men in short shorts and skin tight short sleeve jersey's (which show off beautifully sculpted arms and cests) and because these lads wear no helmets, you can see their faces. 

For those who know even less about Rugby Sevens than I, its essentially seven men to a side, in two seven minute halves running a ball to score points.  They can run the ball up and down the field, throw it side to side and tackle one and other, steal the ball and it keeps moving.  Then there is something called a "scrum" in which three of these strapping young gods from each side butt heads and then wrestle around for control of the ball (which is white, not pig skin brown).  These boys pull down shorts, tear shirts and I swear when they tackle, they tickle the other side to get them to let go of the ball.

In the midst of these handsome hunks, comes this man pictured about - Nate Ebner.  He is, delicious.  And for this tournment grown a manish beard that makes him looks even more handsome than he is - and we're talking model good looks.  And let's pay tribute to his thighs.  Just look at them.  Muscular and meaty.  Yummy.  I know that some will protest to me objectifying him like a piece of meat.  But he also has this tragic and inspiring back story, which makes him, well someone you want to hold, as well as objectify.  Dreamy!

If you can, I highly recommend that you tune in and give this 30-minutes of your time.  You will not be dissappointed!


  1. that story is awful, but not awful enough for me to watch sports. if they played naked and fucked when they got a goal, maybe.

  2. Well, I'm glad that you have your mind open to it...