Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peppermint Rainbow Returns!

This was on YouTube last fall when it got deleted over a copyright pissing match over Marilyn King (of the King Family Fame) got pissy over the fact she was appearing in the video. So someone edited her out!

Its just a nice reminder of a time gone by...


  1. I just posted this video on my facebook page last week! Love this song and video, especially the girl on the right. She looks so happy... and high as a kite.

  2. I posted it a while back to, because it's so groovy. Had no idea that it had been pulled, of course I also had no idea who the strange blond was in it either!

    Glad it's back.

  3. The lead singer is evidently running a major medical center in the Atlanta region. He sister on the right (with posture issues) is a Judge in the Maryland State court system.

  4. Felix - its a repeat post for me - I posted it back in Spetember of last year (I think). Personally, I like their ruff's, but the "peppermint" nehru jackets are not a look I would covet.