Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Natalie Kalmus on Television

purloined from  Jew Eat Yet?

You know what I love about the regulars to this blog?  We do such a good job of bringing what we know, and we all seem to know different things.  Take for example Norma Desmond, that star of stage, screen and murder trials.  I post something on Natalie Kalmus, he brings up her TV designs.  Then I go looking for said TV designs and I find another wonderful blog (Jew Eat Yet?) that has done a much better job at detailing Kalmus coloful rise to power, and far better job at detailing her theatical fall from grace.  All told, I think if you could get all of us together, you would have one Hell of a cocktail party.

Anyway, above is an advertisment for atalie's fun TV designs.  The are at once 50's devine, and yet so wonderfully different.  I think that she should have been a furniture designer and dropped that Technicolor job long before they dropped her.  If any of these still exist, I want one.


  1. Ditto: On the cocktail party, I take a dry martini with a twist.

    Incidentally I'll take one of each TV set, one for every room.

  2. there had been a TV for sale, maybe it was on ebay. or maybe i'd seen it at the washing machine site. who can remember? i've visited the site you mentioned many times, but had to stop. it was too sad. he had preemie twins & one died and it was too much.

    anyway, those sets are the coolest, i hope you find one.

  3. Yes. it is sad that one of the babes died. But good ews is that other is thriving and doing wonderfully (I just want to pinch those cheeck of his!)

    Sometimes I wonder if God knows why thing like that have to happen. But I recommend that blog and those terribly sad posts from the host because those are the types of things that keep us from becoming hard people. They help to ground us and remind us that our lives are, and what they almost could have not become at all if not for the grace of a higher power.

  4. I for one am not fond of "Rita", but I would love a LaTraviata of my very own.