Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CAPTCHA MADNESS: We are devastated, not to mention pathetic.

Well it seems over at Lethal Dose, that Miss Donna Lethal has forgotten about us {sniff}.  In a post about CAPTCHA MADNESS and how she and Norma Desmond are haunted by bizaare randomly generated CAPTCHA's, she has forgotten that yours truly has been a part of this phenom as well and have posted evidence to that fact right here, and here, and well, need I say more?  You're right, I should say more: and here and here and here to testifty to this fact. 

And even when I went to correct this aggregious oversite, the CAPTCHA MADNESS continued as it spewed out what looked to be "Pardin" to me as I begged the point.  But the fates are cruel.  And they don't use script flourishes, so what I got was really PARDIU.  But that "u" looked like an "n" so I'm claiming it and North America in the name of Spain to prove an unreasonable point.  What can I say, but I am pathetic.

Well, to say that we are heartbroken is an understatement.  We are, in fact, devastated.  So I will slink back into our home, grab a bottle of gin, a handful of Lexapro's and because I don't have any children, berarte our dog for being ungrateful for everything that I have done for it.


No, are you kidding, I just felt like causing a scene to prove a point {sniff}


  1. I'm sorry darling and there is no excuse. I wrote that a few days ago as a filler post and just to cause me more agony, the captcha decided to give me a new clue - I think we now know where it lives. See my updated post.

  2. life can be uncompromisingly cruel.

  3. You know Norma, I thought just that as I stood on the window ledge, pondering how {sniff} I had gotten to this point. And then I jumped from from my basement window. And the fates were very cruel as I am still {sniff} here.

  4. If it's any consolation, I've invited you to a dance party for gays WAY over 31.

    wv: epities

  5. Thanks MJ! But I need to go to the dance party for gays way over 31 as I am old enough to have fathered a 31 year child. ;-)