Monday, June 28, 2010

The Rocky Week Ahead

It is going to be a one of those weeks at work.

It is going to be terribly stressful (and not in a good way), or one in which nothing out of the ordinary happens my little Bambi's.  So its a crap shoot if I will get to posting something.  So I have up'd my Lexipro and am girding my loins. 

Of course if you hear someone screaming bloody murder like a mad woman who has just seen a maniac running around with a knife, It could be me doing all the yelling.  Pay no attention - its a form of therapy.

Please be "dears" and be patient and I will get my act in gear soon.  Well I'm off - wish me luck!



  1. It sounds like your average week, you and your loins.

  2. you look wonderful when you scream.

  3. you just take care of yourself, you hear?
    and by "care of yourself" of course, I mean drugs.