Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kiddle double entendre, anyone?

This one is going to take some effort, so try and follow me, OK?

If you were a confused little boy, according to 1960s American Mores, then you know what I mean when I write that I loved playing with Mattel's Liddle Kiddles when I was in Kindergarten up through the discovery of Barbie.  Liddle Kiddles were tiny - small little dolls with "huge haids" and strangely fabulous hairdos.  And you could pretend just about anything with Kiddles.  They could be fairies, or adults, or they could be be something in between. 

Each Kiddle had a silly name, like Greta Griddle, pictured above.  And Greta had friends as shown on this Liddle Kiddle book, entitled "Liddle Kiddles featuring Little Diddle, Greta Griddle and Florence Niddle"  Did you get past past "Little Diddle"?  But yes, you read that correctly.  One of the named Liddle Kiddles was "Little Diddle".  And Florence Niddle?  She sounds like the woman who lived in the assisted living unit in Menorah Park next to my Aunt Nan!

Of course we were too small to understand what "little diddle" meant.  But the adults who created these Liddle Kiddles should have put on their adult thinking caps and thought better of it.  By the way, Little Diddle perioidcally pops up on ebay.com, so you can get a little Liddle Kiddle Little Diddle of your very own.


  1. i'd never heard of these, though well acquainted with matty mattel and sister bell.