Thursday, August 13, 2009

What would Mrs., Edwin Smith Standish of Shaker Heights, Ohio advise me to say?

Martha Smith Standish, of Shaker Heights, Patron Saint of DHTISH

In reading our mail today, we find that we have received a very nice invitation from the delightful young man who hosts our mentor blog at Stirred, Straight Up, with a Twist to participate in a rousing round robin party game, as it were, called Name Seven Personality Traits. I have asked myself, what would Martha Smith Standish do if faced with such an introspective excercise, and having courted her in my minds eye, I would say that if Martha were still with us she would say "be honest, not cruel; show emapthy, however do not seek self pity; but above all, dress nicely, take a useful clever gift and above all, be punctual." Well, here goes nothing...

1) I am a believer. I believe in things and people and in concepts, like "things will be better tomorrow than they were today" and that "God is compassionate". I do so because they give me hope and security. Without belief, one could lose sight of ones soul.

2) I am very imperfect. I am troubled by the fact that I am not a better person. I try, but old habits die hard. But I keep trying, and as long as I try, there is hope.

3) I am dyslexic. Struggled with this for years, and you can learn to cope, but you never get over the feeling that you are, in some way, inferior to the mainstream.

4) When I decide to make a major purchase, my mind is decided. For example, when I need to buy a car, I think, I read, I get an idea what I want and what I will pay, I get my loan at the credit union and I go to buy a car. If the dealer gives me bullshit, I walk out and go to another. I do not care about his family, I do not care about his bottom line, and I do not buy a car based on my monthly payments. I don't sit and wring my hands. I'm there to buy a car.

5) I'm a damn good writer. I have had five non-fiction books published, have a good track record with free lance stuff, but there is something else inside in writing that needs to come out. Problem is I don't know how to make that connection between my skill and my minds eye. Its like I need to find that translator between the two, and I don't know how to make it work.

6) I struggle with the idea that its "what you make of your life" that matters more than "what people make of your life". I admit it - I'm shallow - I love things. Being a good person can be hard. But each day we make a little more progress than the day before.

7) I love men. This doesn't mean that I don't think that women are great, I just know what my personal truth is, and it is that I love men.

So there you have it, seven I'll have to figure out five or so folks with a blog and tag them...who to pick...who to pick...

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  1. Love it! And so apropos to the writer. Honestly, the main thing I hate about these memes is that I sort of just run them off in about 5 minutes without giving them too much thought; and then when I read the truly interesting and thoughtful responses by the people *I* tagged, I wish I could go back and revise my own!