Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What would Martha Smith Standish do?

Martha Smith Standish, of Shaker Heights, Patron Saint of DHTISH

Dear Mrs. Smith Standish,

I was visiting a dear friend of mine and needed to use the lavatory. After closing the door, I addressed the water closet only to discover that the previous user had failed complete their task. I was at a loss for what to do and remain a gracious guest. I closed the cover and disposed of the offending material. I was unable to use the room for my purposes. freshened up as best as I could and returned to our visit, which unfortunatly needed to be cut short. Am I in the wrong for expecting such high standards?

Just sign me,

Dainty in Hunting Valley

Dear Miss Dainty,

Given the situation, your hands were tied and you did the honorable thing by keeping your composure, not raising the issue to your hostess who would have been embarassed to the point of shame that you had discovered her failure. I too would have done exactly as you did, however I see no reason for you to have cut your visit short. Surely you knew logically that once you left the residence of your friend that eventually you would return home for a moment of privacy. Remember, to have control of one's body is to have control of one's life.

I remain, MSS

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