Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kitchen v. Kitschen II

In 1959 this "Folksie Charm Kitchen" was a housewife's dream. Placing the stove into the table top? Now thats was a gutsy gutsy move. More time at the table with mother, less running back and forth for a second helping of wax beans. But we ask: what post war PTA mother would dream of loitering under a street light, flipping pancakes up hot for her man? Sends a mixed message, doesn't it?

I know of two spec homes in Ohio (one in my adopted hometown of Marion, Ohio, see above) where the builder actually planted a polelight smack dab in the middle of the all-electric country kitchen. While the kicthen doesn't get the avant guard placement of the stove on the table top, the family gets a wagon wheel light, while the dining room gets white wrought iron railings. Classy! Sadly, the pole light would be among the first things to go if this room were featured on HGTV's Pimp My Kitchen. Oh, how the world has changed...

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