Monday, August 10, 2009

The three little Buick girls, and how they faired

Once upon a time, the fall of 1958 to be exact, the Buick family had triplets, LeSabre, Invicta and Electra. The new arrivals represented the next generation of Buicks: the were fresh, modern and manner of hopes were pinned to them.

While LeSabre and Invicta played nicely and shared a number of the same qualities, it was the eldest, Electra - an offspring with multiple personalities, one of which insisted on sometimes being called a "deuce and a quarter" - that always felt she was better than the others. See how she's off by herself? Well La-ti-da!

Invicta, the middle sister was promising, but like most middle children, she was never very popular, just kind of a placeholder. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. The Buick's allowed Invicta to dwindle down to just one body style, and then Invicta disappeared completely in 1964, after being gobbled up by the Wildcat.

However, of the three, it was little LeSabre who lived the longest. She was fleet of foot, offered a good value and was the one for those who aspired more in life. A LeSabre at your house said "these folks have made it, they are not at all pretentious, they value a dollar. LeSabre trudged on through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Towards the end, she grow a bit dowdy, and a was the favorite of grandparents everywhere, but she endured. LeSabre soldiered onto 2007 when she finally retired to Lucerne.

And what of little Electra 225?

Electra always had to have the nicest clothes, the best colors and biggest features. Well, lets just say that she got a little "over" developed - you know, grew up, too fast, a real road hog. By 1975 she was no longer leath and lean, she had grown bloated; she was one BIG girl. They tried slimming her down to virtually nothing, and then she was given a sexy new body in 1990. People developed a complex with her, so she moved to Park Avenue, never to be heard from again.

Today the Buick's are left with their two awkward late in life children, LaCrosse and Lucerne. Its a shame, really. There was a time when Buick stood for something - a station reached in life, and Buick was the reward.

Let us hope that dear General Motors doesn't do Buick in like it has to Pontiac and Oldsmobile. Its would be a shame, and sure sign of defeat.


  1. Sweetie, my partner's father (a poisonous old fart whom I can't stand) still owns the 1965 Electra convertible he bought new. Going out to the garage and worshipping it is the only bearable aspect of visiting him.

  2. You lucky man, you.

    The '65 was a wonderful car. All of GM for '65 was wonderful.

    Incidently, did you know that 1965 was the last year that Chrysler, Ford, General Motors AND American Motors all released concurrent new designs for their full-sized cars? It hasn't happened since, and will never happen again. Its true!

    Just sign me,

    The Gay Gearhead