Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dirty Drop Ins, Vol. 1

A "dirty drop in" was a risque slide that mysteriously makes it way into a old fashioned vacation slide show to the mock embarrassment of the host and to the hoot and hollars of the guests ("Oh, Fred, you promised you wouldn't put that thing in!").

The Dirty Drop In had two purposes. First these slide shows of the "McAdams Family vacation to Perth Amboy", or the "McMaster's visiting their son Scotty at camp" were dreadfully long and you need something to break it up. Secondly, you also needed something to wake up your guests because they thought the shows were so dreadfully long and boring, as well.

They worked kinda like this:

Fred: "'s a shot of what the water skiers look like if you could be out on the water with them at Cypress Gardens...."

"and here's another shot of the women who walk around in these plantation style skirts...I asked Muriel if she would want to wear one and she said...oh, nevermind, you can tell the gals what you said later Muriel" (laughing to himself)

"...and here we have..."

"Whoa, Nelly! How'd that get in here!"

Muriel Johnson: "Oh, Fred Johnson! You're just horrible for putting that awful thing in the show! Well, now listen, Jim Richards you just stop that laughing...shame on you...this is just awful! Betty, how do you live with him! And what...stop it! What if the children saw this? Isn't this just horrible? I can tell you that there was nothing like this at Cypress Gardens because we didn't see a black person, or a chicken I might add, all day! Now Fred, you make this go away and show these folks a lovely view of the singing waters...Really!"

And then the slide show would revert back to the same, boring images of flowers, shots gone wrong, etc.

And why did our parents sit through these horrible slide shows? Because if they didn't watch the McAdams family vacation slides, why should the McAdams family sit through your family slides of Christmas in the Holy Land?

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