Saturday, June 1, 2013

We are still running amok

Well reader, as you review this posting, be advised that I am still running amok, and my poor, long suffering Husband is now, as I type this, laying prostrate with exhaustion.  Poor man. He's trying to keep me under control, but I just find tangents and we are off on another adventure.

But when Felix promised to show me the orbit of Uranus, who was I to turn him down.  

Yes, I met Felix - and my FULL report on him is coming when we get home.

Today, that wanton burst of energy took us from Taco del Mar, a small inland community nestled in this nation's "star city" in the morning.  We were enchanted, to a degree. 

By afternoon we were standing high atop a Mt. Sinai Memorial Park visiting my great aunt Sarah's grave (She looks, by the way, fabulous - they have real perpetual care) and I was morphing into a middle age Jewish man.   I do that, just like Zelig.  

Anyhow I have worn the hubby down and extended our stay in this scrumptious hotel - overlooking Vivid Entertainment's world headquarters.

More to come, including dinner with Ms. Donna Lethal herself!


  1. Perpetual care -- is that like having work done?

  2. You promised not to tell that my secret native nickname is Amok.

  3. Make sure you're wearing clean underwear!

  4. Did you show him the full moon in return?