Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 26, 2013 "Thea and Edie" Day

Today is a day of joy - DOMA is Unconstitutional!  The Federal Government may not exclude American same-sex couples from the Federal Rights and Privileges due married heterosexual couples. 

Never in my life did I think I would live to see a day like today.

But grant yourself a moment of silence - send your positive thoughts and love to Edie Windsor.  Edie Windsor refused to be treated as a second class citizen.  Send all the more love to the memory of her beloved Thea Spyer, whose death and estate tax matters subsequently set these wheels in motion.  Blessing to you Edie on this momentous day, and hugs because you can't share it with her in person.

This isn't the end, just the beginning of overturning marriage amendments in those states that don't view marriage equality as a basic human right.


  1. =)

    That's all I've been able to do since 10AM this morning.

  2. Exactly as you's nowhere near the end, but it's a darned good beginning of the end. We live in PA, a commonwealth with a midevil state operated liquor control board which was conceived to make the purchase of liquor as difficult as possible. We also have a Republicant Governor, Senate and House. What the hell were the voters thinking?? Since they can't agree on how to dismantle the PALCB or eliminate corruption in the PA Turnpike Commission or how to tax the natural gas drillers, I don't hold much hope of them approaching this with anything but a negative spin.
    So, in PA it does nothing for us as far as being recognized as a same sex couple. However, it does mean we might be able to scurry off to a state that does have gay marriage/civil unions so we can take advantage of the federal tax, healthcare and other benefits.

    1. Come to Maryland - a marriage equality state!

  3. Think about "domino effect" from here all the way to the rest of USA. And it could go faster than we think.

    Rachel Maddow puts it in perspective eloquently

    Let's bet which state will be the last one to legalize same-sex marriage! :)