Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where has Cookie been?

Where indeed?  More importantly, Where is Cookie going?

Cookie has been at home running a bed and breakfast for the past two weeks, as we have entertained dear friends from back home in Ohio.  But the stress of being everyone's "Hazel" has gotten to me.  And they are so demanding:

Friend: We've had a great time, but not a mint on our pillows?
Cookie: Since you're staying for free, can I have Kevin drop his version of a tootsie roll on your pillow. 

They were not amused.  But I tell you reader: I give and I give and I give and I give and I think of Norma, And then I give some more.

And what is left for Cookie who after giving so much is just a hollow shell of himself?

I need rest.

I need to see something different.

Hell, I need to be pampered!

So I am throwing this puppy into top gear and blowing this Popsicle stand for a caprice. Not a Caprice, Norma, just a caprice.

Stayed tuned for updates, some of which are promised to be shocking.   OK, not so much shocking as they will be updates.  Me promises you.


  1. shall i leave the porch light on?

  2. Sheesh
    You deserve a rest in a place that has mints on the pillow yourself, sounds like.

  3. I'd say they should be thankful you didn't hold the pillow over their face. Jx

  4. Blow this pop stand, baby.

  5. I was only kidding about the mints!

  6. I hate having company. It's nothing but work. UGH.


  7. Next time... Just squeeze a little toothpaste onto each pillow each morning after you have been in to do their room... And remember it's always a hoot to "short sheet" their bed by at least day three....