Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yesterday, we had some rain...

...and Mother Nature decided that a good three inches of rain in an hour and a half, on top of the already saturated ground would give us the water features that she wanted to know we had.  

Our small rain garden overflowed giving us beautiful Upper Lake Cookie (aka, the rain garden, which is a foot deep) and the it's western marshlands.

Marshlands, so we are told, help to slow the water run off and act as the "kidney's of the earth."

From there, the headwaters of Cookie Creek flowed first south, and then gathered steam as they headed towards the first set of "Cracked Walk Cataracts", and then onto...

The Great Marsh.  Its awfully swampy.  From there, the water was joined with the output of Charming Plugged Gutter Font before rejoining Cracked River Cataracts...

Where it went over the falls (the concrete thing is the spawning lift) into FABULOUS Grand Cookie Lake (AKA, the Driveway) before exiting east onto our neighbor's property.  As we all live on downward sloping lands, the water then cascaded into their yard, then the street which was filled with a foot of water. 

There was so much water that the dogs refused to go outside - they know better than to romp in standing water.  

None in basement, but the sump pump, which we have named Sisyphus, worked over time as it would empty, fill, empty and repeat every five minutes.


She did it again last night between 7 and 11PM!

Today we have a dry day, but more storms are a coming. 


  1. It's pouring here as well although it's not as swampy.

    I hope you're wearing your rubbers.

  2. It's been light drizzle here...

    Which makes a change for the UK.


  3. seattle & london are arid wastelands
    compared to what we've had this spring?

  4. I hope you get it pumped out soon. After all, you don't want Kevin Costner setting up an untidy floating city in your garden, do you?

  5. The end is nigh. Beware the Dorecho!
    By the way, when did we start naming the weather? I mean, one used to say, "we had a really bad storm." I blame the Weather Channel - making up weather patterns like Hallmark makes up holidays!

    1. Having lived through last years Derecho TWICE (Columbus use and we were house shopping in Baltimore) we were getting freaked out over what ouka have come lady. But it came through early enough that it was a little rain, a lot of lightning and a little wind. Better over prepared than under.