Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kevin has an escapade

Well, guess who breeched the perimeter of his safe back yard?


But he didn't get far.

Little mister man here is 50% Jack Russell and this afternoon he found the bunny access that the rabbit had dug under the fence.  And the hound in him caught the bunny scent and under the fence he went.

Normally, the dogs are only outside with us.  However, today I was cleaning bird feeders while the husband was gardening in the back yard when our next door started calling out to us.  Because we have room air conditions are fans aplenty, I didn't hear her, but the Husband lept into action and that caught me eye.

Jen, our neighbor is terrified that any dog will bolt out into the street, so she stayed perfectly still hoping not to spook Kevin, who is so people happy he would have forgotten about the bunny scent and bounded to her.

As it was, he saw the Husband and was so happy to find his human on THIS side of the fence that he trotted over to his daddy, tail-a-wagging and with plenty of kisses.

When I got my hands on our houndlike Houdini I held him and told him we loved him.  He gave me kisses and we gave him a treat.  We wanted him to know he was loved.  What was the point in yelling at him when he wasn't in the act of escaping?

So Kevin spent a couple hours in the house and we spent that time temporarily blocking the bunny access points - tomorrow I'll go buy so wire cloth and debunny the yard - and when he charged out later he tried to wriggle through again.

Only this time, I was there right behind him.  And there were rocks were in front of him.

And Kevin, knowing that his days on the loose were coming to an end just looked up at, wagged his tail, and yipped.

He was twarted.

And as I scooped him up and gave him a hug, he licked my face and began plotting his next big escapade.



  1. glad of the happy ending.

    de-bunnying the yard is very important.
    those fuckers shit all over, the dogs eat the shit
    and they get giardia.

  2. Oh, little Kevin is so cute! No wonder you can't tell him off.

  3. Our little Pocket Dog, Ozzo, gets out every so often, and when he's got outside the fence and guard towers, he tears across the neighbor's yard into our yard, across our yard,. up the stairs, into the sunroom, and onto his bed, whereupon he acts like he has no idea what just happened.

  4. Your dog is soooo cute!

    My dad's dog, Sunshine, lives with us now that Dad's gone. For the first couple of weeks, she was trying to dig her way into the neighbor's yard-- with the two Australian shepherds who would probably have ripped her apart. Sunshine is a dachshund/maltese mix, tiny and adorable. She's terrier-crazy-- thinks she's the biggest dog on the block and is ready to take on the neighbor's dogs.

    We put up the chicken wire along the fence line, but it didn't stop her. She just dug under it. What stopped her was burying doggie droppings everywhere she started to dig so she got an icky surprise when she tried it. It worked so well she hasn't tried after the first couple of weeks.