Friday, June 28, 2013

Clean up!

So many of you have wondering what the past couple days since the momentous Supreme Court decision have been like to Cookie.

The past few days have not been kind.

The first matter is a serious matter.

Apparently, Cookie's computer has either been infected by a virus, or a Microsoft update has gone awry.  Because Cookie keeps his AV up to date, and runs daily scans, and has all manner of backup programs (Spybot, etc.) running in the background, I doubt the virus theory.

But about six weeks ago during one of those wretched Microsoft updates, the Redmond Gods decided that Cookie's computer HAD to update Internet Explorer from version 8 to version 10, even though Cookie said not to.

And that was the minute grief swept into my life.

Since then programs have stopped working and or will not load correctly.  Six hours on the phone with Microsoft - at their expense - have left the computer even more unstable than before.  I would replace it with a Mac, but I simply don't have the money and the computer is only a year and a half old.  So that isn't going to happen.

The good news is that being as protective of my data that I am AND because my documents and images are literally my life, everything is backed up in triplicate on various drives.  SO, the bad news even if we have to wipe the computer clean and reload, its just going to suck time from my life as it ties me to the computer to watch it all and prompt it all.


The second thing to drop on Cookie was a quart of of latex house paint this morning.  I was cleaning out the hall closet when I moved something that started a Rube Goldberg sequence that through various bumps and slides caused the quart of paint to drop right past my face before slamming onto the ground, causing it to flip, spiral, throw the lid off and spray copious amounts of an off white exterior paint all over the closet, the coats, our card table and chairs and most of all, me.

I'm hoping my clothes, in the washer as I type, make it - got them in as soon as the reality set in.  Got the coats in a garbage bag after treating the splatters so they get washed next.  I was able to save my grandparents card table, but the card table chairs we got as wedding presents (and are actually just in the way most of the time) won't make it. Thankfully the coats kept the paint from GOING EVERYWHERE and we can always buy new ones.

And besides, one day, that closet is going to become our powder room.

And again, the good news is that the paint got cleaned up, and thanks to buckets of Murphy's Oil Soap and  hot water, the paint has been washed from the scene.

While this was going on, I missed a doctors appointment, so I called the doctors office and his scheduler, LeVonda, who is a bitch, was not pleased.

"Well you know that we'll have to bill you for the visit because you didn't give 24 hours notice," says she.

LeVonda then scheduled my for the "next available date" of July 9th.

"Nothing sooner?"

"We have a long list of people who want to get in to see the doctor.  If any of THEM call 24 hours in advance I can see where you are on the list."


Oh, well. It never rains, but it pours.

Hope your weekend is fabulous.  Hope mine is too.


  1. Well, that proves the old saying, "When it paints, it pours."
    or something ....

  2. i feel for you.
    that is one hideous accident.

    1. It was nasty. On the bright side, I get new card table chairs.

  3. "If you know somethin' well, you can always paint it, but people would be better off buyin' chickens." - Grandma Moses


  4. Wow. What a revoltin' development. I hope the horror of the experience wears off soon and the hilarity makes its way through.

  5. Technical matters regarding computers make my head spin.

    Mistress MJ empathizes with you.