Friday, September 2, 2011

Well, doesn't this suck?

So yesterday afternoon I'm eating some NECCO waffers when I bite down and I feel something go "crack".  And I mean I felt the cracking like it was part of me.

And I broke a fucking tooth!


I hate going to the dentist.

Instincts told me that it was bad and and that was confirmed when the tooth particals came out of my mouth.


So I called the dentist, and since he doesn't work on Friday, I have to go to an oral surgeon today and have the remenants of said tooth removed through an extraction. 


And this is a busy weekend.  I have a birthday party later tonight, I have my 30th High School Reunion on Saturday and picnics and the like.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Now I have to pay for an implant!  FUCK!!!!!

And I hate going to the dentist because the receptionist doesn't understand that I just don't have $3,000 dollars, or a credit card to put it on.  When I tell her I have been credit card free for five years she looks at me like all she can hear are crickets chirping. 

So, here I sit in waiting to get whats left of the tooth removed.

The good news is that I can afford this.  The bad news is parting with the cash.  BAH!

Hope your weekend goes better than my today!

1 comment:

  1. eating "New England Confectionery Company"
    is never a good idea. sadly, you know this now.

    i think it was a spice drop that took out top left, second from back.